May 2010 Group Volunteers

  • 5/8/10: Wartburg College in iowa
  • 5/15/10: YSOP
  • 5/29/10: YSOP groups from Canton Ohio and Peterborough, New Hampshire

SJSK Year-In-Review: MAY 2010

The end of the school year always marks a bittersweet occasion for us at the Soup Kitchen. Many of our volunteers are college and high school students. May is sometimes the last we see of them as they graduate and leave New York City. Thank you very much for your help at SJSK. 

  • A group of volunteers from Wartburg College in Iowa were in town for a week-long volunteer excursion
  • Mandy, a student, from Wartburg said "This was the first time I volunteered in a soup kitchen where the guests were able to get more than one meal. It was a wonderful experience!"
  • Other highlights in May include: Congratulations to Lisa & Andrea for being “shirted” for faithful service to the soup kitchen